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Astraliv Careers: Unlocking
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Astraliv Careers, established by the experienced duo of Shahid Ameen and Haseena P.M., bridges the gap between ambition and international success. We offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing study abroad facilitation and overseas career placement, empowering individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals across 20+ countries.

Our unwavering commitment to personalised guidance ensures each client receives a tailored roadmap for success. We foster an environment of trust and integrity, ensuring informed decision-making at every step.

As Astraliv Careers expands its global footprint, our core mission remains constant: to empower your international aspirations. Join us in a dynamic partnership, where your ambitions converge with our dedication, paving the way for a limitless future.

Our Web Portal

Our web platform leverages sophisticated technology to connect you with the best talent pool, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements. We offer a user-friendly interface for applicants to showcase their skills and preferences. This ensures a tailored fit, saving valuable time and resources for both employers and candidates. Increase your chances of a successful hire and empower qualified individuals to find their ideal role – all through our streamlined and efficient platform

Our Mission

Astraliv Careers is a leading provider of specialised overseas education and career placement services. We are committed to transparency, trust, and continuous improvement, ensuring the highest quality experience for our clients.

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals. We guide students toward top universities and connect job seekers with reputable companies.

Astraliv Careers prioritises the transformative power of education and career advancement, making these opportunities accessible to all. We provide clear, professional guidance at every step, ensuring a seamless path to your dream career.

Partner with Astraliv Careers and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

What We Do

Study Abroad

Astraliv Careers goes beyond university placement. We offer personalised guidance from start to finish, crafting customised study plans for popular destinations and emerging markets.We focus solely on your success. We work closely to identify the ideal program that aligns with your academic aspirations and long-term goals.

Overseas Careers

We partner with top global institutions and employers to ensure access to exceptional opportunities. Astraliv Careers acts as your consultant, not just a recruiter. We actively seek organisations that align with your career goals and expertise, offering cost-effective placements across industries.

With Astraliv, the world is your classroom. Let’s bridge the distance to your global future.

Our Values


Astraliv Careers delivers exceptional experiences through personalised guidance and meticulous planning, ensuring every client interaction exceeds expectations.


Astraliv Careers prioritises transparency, fostering trust throughout your study abroad journey. Our commitment to clear communication ensures informed decisions every step of the way.


Astraliv Career empowers individuals to chart their educational and professional journeys through personalised guidance and tailored support. We equip you with the information needed to make informed decisions, guiding you towards success at every step.


Astraliv Careers fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, valuing unique perspectives for strong client service.


We use smart algorithms to match employers with qualified candidates. Our secure platform lets employers post jobs, screen resumes, and schedule interviews efficiently. Candidates find relevant job openings based on their qualifications and career goals.


We value collaboration to deliver exceptional results through combined expertise.


 Astraliv Careers prioritises sustainability to minimise environmental impact and build a better future.


Astraliv Careers actively supports the community through impactful initiatives, fostering positive societal change.

Our Management

Astraliv Careers is proud of its seasoned professionals in International Education, offering invaluable strategic advice. Our strong credibility and extensive experience encourage enduring partnerships with foreign institutions, garnering trust and recognition worldwide.

Shahid Ameen

Principal Managing Partner

Prayaga Menon

Global Manager- Marketing

Neethu Jose

Senior Counsellor

Suvarna John

Student Counsellor

Shahid Ameen

Principal Managing Partner

Prayaga Menon

Global Manager- Marketing

Neethu Jose

Senior Counsellor

Suvarna John

Student Counsellor

Social Impact

Through our various initiatives, we strive to create a brighter future for all, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed. Our belief in the power of giving back drives us to make meaningful contributions that uplift and empower those around us. We actively work together with individuals, organisations, and orphanages to serve the underprivileged and enhance our community.

Charity Partnerships

Beyond recruitment, Astraliv Careers prioritises social responsibility. We forge impactful partnerships with charitable organisations, utilising our own resources and expertise to directly secure funding. This unique approach nurtures a strong company culture while directly supporting the communities we serve, across diverse areas such as education, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

Orphanage Support

We advocate for orphaned children’s well-being by partnering with orphanages, providing critical resources and support. Our support includes donations of food, clothing, hygiene products, and medical supplies, aiming for a sustainable impact.

Individual Assistance

We empower individuals in need through financial aid, scholarships, and skills training to achieve stability and better opportunities.

Employer Partnerships

We specialise in connecting employers with a network of highly qualified professionals seeking overseas career opportunities. Our extensive database allows us to match your specific needs with the ideal candidates, saving you time and resources. Our user-friendly employer portal is designed for seamless job posting and efficient candidate connection.

Join our thriving community of satisfied employers and leverage our expertise to find the perfect talent to fuel your company’s growth.

Why Partner With Us

We excel in linking firms with highly skilled individuals seeking opportunities abroad. By utilising our expertise, you save invaluable time and resources as we meticulously match your demands with the best applicants sourced from our extensive database. Our intuitive interface streamlines the job posting process and facilitates seamless connections with candidates. Join our flourishing community of satisfied employers and harness our proficiency to unearth the perfect talent needed to propel your company’s growth to new heights.